Warehousing services

Our offices and warehouses are conveniently located in Los Angeles, New York, Frankfurt, Berlin, Kotka, Helsinki, Rimini, Guangzhou, Tallinn and are always at your service

All our warehouses are located in the vicinity of airports, seaports and highways that significantly simplify the logistics and allow performing a full range of warehousing services in the United States, Germany, Finland, Italy, China and Estonia as follows:

  • Cargo terminal services handling air cargo goods processing in airports in United States, Germany, Finland, Estonia, and China
  • Receiving, management, safekeeping and security of cargo goods
  • Handling and processing of cargo goods to prepare it for air, sea or land shipping
  • X-ray control, computer weight, volume and size determination of cargo units
  • Inventory management, packages bar-coding and labeling
  • Receiving of cargo goods, it’s full management, consolidation and formation of shipment in warehouses in United States, Europe and China
  • Repacking of cargo goods to comply with international export requirements, stretch wrapping for extra protection, enhancing the sustainability of packaging
  • Safekeeping, lease of warehouse spaces that complies with modern regulations
  • Consolidated warehousing is the major sign of the company’s professional approach.

Our warehouses are not only large premises but also logistics centers with highly trained employees who supplied with necessary equipment to work with cargo. Upon receipt of cargo goods we place them in our warehouses wherein they are sorted, packaged, labeled, photographed and compared with corresponding documentation. Since we transport enormous amount of goods worldwide, we make sure that every single shipping item should be registered in a proper manner to avoid any confusion during transportation to its final destination.

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