Fast cargo delivery from Europe

One of the major factors in the development of cargo export and import in CIS and Ukraine is approach to freight forwarding. Europe is the main point of intersection of trade routes which connects CIS and Ukraine to United States and Asia. Seaports of European countries receive freights for recipients from CIS shipped from USA, China, Asia and Latin America. Seaports, airports and consolidation warehouses in Europe are the starting points of cargo delivery from Europe to CIS and Ukraine.

Delivery modes:

Air freight from Europe

In some cases, fast air delivery from Europe to CIS and Ukraine is the most expedient. Our company will help you to resolve all the logistic issues and get your cargo that passed customs clearance without single problem. Air delivery from Europe is performed almost every day and ensures reliable and fast delivery.
Advantages of AIR delivery:
  • speed
  • one mode of transportation involved
  • documents preparation
  • guarantee of the safety of cargo
  • terms management
  • possibility to consolidate
  • compliance and confidentiality rules
  • Providing information about your cargo

Trucking from Europe

Freight forwarding by land, according to the scheme of concolidated (modular) transportation to be considered by the majority of CIS and Ukraine consignees as the most cost-effective and appealing delivery. Our experts will help to develop an optimal scheme of international cargo forwarding, from the vessel selection to the choice of customs terminal that suits customer’s needs. Transportation of cargo is carried from the consolidating warehouses of European countries (Germany, Finland, Italy, Estonia)

Sea shipping

A significant advantage of the delivery of goods by sea is a high degree of reliability for the safety of goods at a relatively low cost of delivery over long distances.
The entire route from the shipper to the consignee will be well thought through. OUR company operates on the ideal well-established scheme of delivery of freights, aimed to delivery deadlines compliance, cost saving on transportation, handling, packaging, insurance and freight escort. Forwarding of cargo WITH US as easy as piece of cake. At your earliest convenience, we will provide you with the detailed report on the current condition of the cargo, and we will ensure its safety at any stage of delivery.