One of the major factors in the development of cargo export and import in CIS and Ukraine is rational approach to freight forwarding. Europe is the main point of intersection of trade routes which connects CIS and Ukraine with United States and Asia. Seaports of European countries receive freights for recipients from CIS and Ukraine, which shipped from the USA, China, Asia and Latin America. Those countries are the starting points of cargo delivery from Europe to CIS and Ukraine.

YM CARGO ready to perform the most complex tasks associated with freight forwarding from the ports and warehousing storage and transshipment in Europe. We have capabilities, experience and reliable partners for freight forwarding from Europe to take place in the shortest time possible and with minimal effort.

Freight forwarding by land, according to the scheme of consolidated (modular) transportation to be considered by the majority of consignees as the most cost-effective and appealing delivery.

The priorities of YM CARGO are:

  • Transportation of modular cargoes from warehousing and distribution centers of European companies.
  • Airfreight forwarding and delivery from the United States to Europe

Cargo forwarding Europe – CIS, Europe – Ukraine, using transport by land, air and sea, applying scheme of multimodal delivery.
Our experts will help to develop an optimal scheme of international cargo forwarding, from the vessel selection to the choosing customs terminal that suits customer’s needs. Taking into consideration your requests, our specialists will assist you with options of the delivery process, such as choice of international shipping, insurance, customs services, handling and storage of cargo. Additionally, they will acknowledge you with advance payment of the terms, cost of transportation, customs clearance, possible additional costs.
The entire route from the shipper to the consignee will be well thought through.

We may offer you an alternatives of international transportation, which allows you to save money and reduce terms, should it become necessary, or otherwise exert a positive influence on the effectiveness of our services.

OUR company operates on the ideal well-established scheme of delivery of freights, directed to delivery deadlines compliance, cost saving on transportation, handling, packaging, insurance and freight escort.

  • Cost of delivery estimation and selection of the optimal route (sea, road or air transport)
  • Negotiation with the shipper, cargo consolidation in our warehouses, including its storage and formation
  • Registration of all necessary documentation, as established by international delivery regulation
  • Customs clearance assistance, preparation of customs documentation, declaration, certification and licensing of cargo
  • Delivery of cargoes from Europe to the address of the recipient.


Forwarding of cargo goods with us as easy as piece of cake. At your earliest convenience, we will provide you with the detailed report on the current condition of the cargo, and we will ensure its safety at any stage of the delivery.

To avoid misunderstanding all shipping fees and total cost of cargo goods is to be negotiated with consignee (receiver) in advance, and payment is to be made upon shipping of cargo goods against provided AirWay Bill or Bill of Lading. This is the main reliability factor of the company, we advise to pay special attention to it.

After all the details of cargo goods delivery is confirmed, you just need to contact your manager for any questions or concerns you might have regarding your order.

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