Delivery from U.S.A.

United States of America exports electronics, computers, electrical equipment, industrial equipment, machinery, automobiles, cosmetics, food, clothing and other goods. Our company guarantees the highest level of service, safety and confidentiality. Cargo goods are also accepted for transportation from all regions of Central and Latin America. You can request big variety of services as well, including paperwork, goods packaging to comply with the certain standards, and choose your delivery mode considering options offered with respect to the cost and delivery time.

Delivery modes:

Air transportation

Air transport – the fastest and reliable way for delivery of cargo to the destination by regular flights, charter flights or special freighters. Terms are 3 to 4 days.

Multimodal (air + land) delivery

The most economical and optimal way to deliver cargo from the United States. This way is FAST, RELIABLE AND SAFE, if you are DEALING WITH OUR COMPANY Specialists of our company will create individual, most effective logistics scheme for You,and also will monitor and track delivery of the cargo at all stages of delivery. Delivery time is 10-12 days.

Sea shipping

A significant advantage of the delivery by sea is a high degree of reliability for the safety of goods at a relatively low cost of delivery over long distances. Delivery time is 28 -34 days.

Our advantages:

We specialize in transportation from United States, Europe, and Asia, therefore we present to our customers a worldwide network of experts. It allows us to consider terms, cost and other criteria so we may offer the most appropriate cargo delivery conditions, which is usually not possible with direct collaboration of client with the airlines or shipping lines. Our company guarantees the highest level of service, safety and confidentiality. Fast delivery of goods from the United States is done using several transportation schemes. DDP (“Delivered Duty Paid”) is the most popular of them all. We can help you to resolve most of your problems associated with transportation and receive your goods with customs clearance. Using this scheme, goods are delivered directly to you. This service is available to organizations and private parties.
  • Payment is due upon arrival of the goods at its final destination.
  • Consolidated and single shipments.
  • Full documentary support.
  • Set delivery terms: i.e. delivery: by air – 3-4 days, air-auto – 10-12 days, sea – 28-34 days.
  • We ensure the safety of the cargo with full tracking details.
  • Insurance.
  • Clearance.
  • Ability to transport cargo to any destination point in Russia
Our specialists will determine the delivery mode, type of insurance, customs services, handling and storage as suits your needs. Also, they will estimate terms, costs of delivery, customs clearance and additional possible charges. The entire route from sender to receiver will be calculated in details. You will be offered alternative transportation modes to save money and/or reduce terms of delivery, should it become necessary, or otherwise positively influence on the effectiveness of our services.