Cargo insurance is a combination of various types of coverage, which provides partial or full insurance benefits to the person or organization to cover property damage or loss of cargo regardless of the type of transportation service. We assure you that our professional approach will guarantee the safety of your cargo goods throughout its delivery. However, there are numbers of factors that are beyond our control and, nevertheless, may affect the safety of your goods. Any transportation of cargo poses constitutes certain risk of its damage or loss. There are several international and national laws and regulations that were established to indemnify such losses. However, these guarantees represent a compromise between the owner of the cargo and the carrier. The amount of compensation is limited to all sorts of conventions (Warsaw Convention from October 12, 1929 and The Montreal Convention from May 28, 1999, regarding airline liability for international carriage by air, Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR Convention) of May 19, 1956 and many others). Thus, despite the fact that cargo goods have relatively high price, the laws and regulations do not guarantee full compensation of damages that could be sustained in a process of its transportation.

Cargo insurance – recommended service for cargo safety

To eliminate such risks, it is recommended to obtain additional insurance coverage that reimburses possible cargo damage or loss. We use services of leading insurance companies that guarantee your financial security in any kind of chargeable case. The extent of OUR experience and cooperation with representatives from the insurance companies allow us to offer discounted insurance rates. Those rates depend on the type of cargo shipped, delivery route and transportation mode.